Doctor Defines Wellness

“The preservation of health is easier [and much cheaper] than the cure for disease.”

– B.J. Palmer.

As consumers we can not assume that marketing phrases and labels are created in our best interests. Most insurance companies will not pay for wellness as that wouldn’t be a profitable business model. However, proactive HEALTH care is often cheaper than reactive SICK care.

A major part of our MISSION at Optimal Health Chiropractic is to EDUCATE the public in attempt to shape a healthier community.

Please don’t take your health for granted. Unfortunately, many aren’t taught how to fully appreciate and promote his/her health until it’s gone; and when this happens, the first symptoms may be the last, i.e. heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, cancer.

If we don’t take time for WELLNESS, we may be forced to take time for ILLNESS. The idea is simple: A simple fix now to avoid nasty problems in the future. Remember, symptoms are the last thing to show up in any disease process.

If you or your family have not been screened for nerve interference, then make an appointment today, and begin the effort to improve your health.

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