Optimal Health Chiropractic: A Vital Addition to the Vibrant Hastings Minnesota Community!

We were thrilled to announce the grand opening of Optimal Health Chiropractic, a premier wellness destination dedicated to serving the wonderful community of Hastings, Minnesota. Since our establishment in September 2023, we have quickly gained recognition and become a trusted name in the field of Chiropractic.

It has been an enormous honor for my family and this practice to be a part of this remarkable community. We have been warmly welcomed by the kind locals of Hastings, and we are proud to be able to contribute to its continued development and well-being. Our mission is to empower as many people and families as possible to achieve Optimal Health through the amazing benefits of Chiropractic.

At Optimal Health Chiropractic, we recognize and teach the incredible potential of the body’s innate healing capacity. We are passionate about educating our community and providing effective Chiropractic techniques to address and reverse the root causes of dis-ease. With our patient-specific and result-driven approach, we aim to not only alleviate symptoms but also enhance overall vitality. This is all possible through gentle and specific Chiropractic adjustments.

In the short span of time since opening, our practice has received good press and positive feedback from the community and our wonderful patients. We attribute this success to our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional care and fostering genuine connections with everyone who walks through our doors. When we understand the unique needs of individuals and tailor our treatments accordingly, we can facilitate lasting transformations and help them reclaim their Optimal Health potential. Yours too!

We invite you to embark on a journey towards greater health and healing at Optimal Health Chiropractic. Discover the life-changing benefits of specific and principled Chiropractic care and experience the results for yourself. 
The amazing benefits of Chiropractic come only to those who use it.

To learn more about our services and read The Hastings Journal’s article about our practice, please visit their website:

Together, let’s embrace Optimal Health and embrace a brighter future for you and your family!

In Health,

Kevin R. Holman, DC
Founder, Optimal Health Chiropractic  

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