Corona Virus Update

Where do I stand on preparation and policies regarding your safety during this pandemic?

IMPORTANT: Of course, we are open.

People need increased nerve and immune-system function NOW more than ever!

Chiropractic care is very helpful in boosting immune function. This is because spinal adjustments ease overall stress on the nerve system and, in so doing, reduce the stress response in your brain and thereby boost immunity.

My point? Come and get adjusted if you do not have, or suspect you have, COVID-19 infection. You will stay HEALTHIER, just as you would by getting better sleep, reducing stress, eating well, and taking immune-boosting supplements like Vitamin C, D3, Zinc and even a multi-vitamin.

What I’m Doing to Increase Safety:

  1. Spacing out appointment times.
  2. Spraying/Wiping down tables after each person.
  3. Cleaning bathrooms at least 4x/day.
  4. Every major contact surface is being DISINFECTED on a regular basis (e.g. doorknobs, counters, pens, chairs and armrests, etc.).
  5. Encouraging patients to WASH hands before/after adjustments.
  6. Taking EXTRA special care of myself to ensure my health.

NOTE: We are opening extended hours to spread patient encounters out to minimize interaction between patients. Let us know if you need this accommodation.


  • We have much to be grateful for; our bodies are phenomenal things.
  • We have great control over many factors that influence our immune system and its ability to tolerate environmental stressors.

This is a stressful time for all of us in this world. Be kind, be patient, and be responsible, for the actions you take will influence not only your own health, but that of those around you. This too shall pass.

In Health & Healing,

Dr. Kevin Holman

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