Can Chiropractic CURE My Pain?

Chiropractic is well researched to be one of the best tools for pain management, and if used appropriately, is amazing at preventing symptoms in the first place.

Chiropractic is underutilized and hardly understood.

Chiropractic is more concerned with the cause of symptoms, rather than the symptoms themselves. Very important distinction.


The unpopular thing about healing naturally from the inside-out, is that it can take time. It takes approximately 90 days to heal a sprained ankle, 6-10 weeks for a broken bone…etc; thus, it can’t compete with the speed of masking symptoms using drugs.

Let’s use Ibuprofen as an example. If people are just looking for pain relief from a tension headache, they can pop a pill that damages their body, but the pain will surely dissipate.

Pain, like a headache, is not a medication deficiency, nor is it a mistake.

  • Pain is the body yelling, “There’s a problem!”
  • Pain allows us to investigate our life and make changes as needed.

If we LISTEN to our pain, we may discover a higher level of comprehension.


If we want to address the cause, then Chiropractic IS the answer, and it has been for over 120 years! However, there’s a very real and unfortunately common decision of mediocrity and a general status quo of sickness and disease in our country.

When looking at mostly private healthcare expenditure, the US spends two-and-a-half times the average ‘industrialized’ country. Yet, the US is the among the sickest of these countries. Why is this? It’s because the lack of education on what Health really is.

How are people expected to improve their health if they can’t correctly define it?



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