Basic Neck Stretch

The muscles in the front of your neck are likely shortened and tight. Most of us chronically deal with this due to forward head carriage; but just because something is super common, doesn’t mean it’s normal.

I stretch this area DAILY!

A great way to avoid and tackle posterior neck pain, jaw tension, suboccipital tension/tension headaches, and even seemingly unrelated mid/upper back pain is to STRETCH your scalene muscle group.

Basic-Quick Instructions:

– Once you have shortened the front left/right neck muscles by bringing your head forward, clamp down with a few fingers on the muscle belly to create a ‘new joint’ so that you don’t have to extend your head and neck too far back in order to feel a stretch.

– Never hold the stretch.

– Simply start over in a different spot, and slowly pull your head 180deg. away from that new spot where you’re clamping down….

This is Basic ‘Active Release Technique’ and a great way to stretch any muscle.

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